2 Sketches

2 Sketches (2015, work in progress)
for 12 Voices

2 Sketches is a piece for 12 voices. I composed this piece in the frame of TENSO Wokshop for Young Composers, at Tenso Days Festival 2015. A new work is being composed for the second round of the workshop, which will take place in Marseille, France, in Autumn 2015, to wich I ‘ve been selected. The performing ensemble will be Musicatreize conducted by James Wood.

As  this workshop is linked to another Tenso project 14-18 : from poetry to music, the Tenso comission suggested the use of a text written during the World War I. I’ve chosen two different texts: “Soldati” by the  Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti and “Schrei” by the German poet August Stramm.