Trips and Findings is Sofia Borges’ first solo release. 
This double CD consists of a brief retrospective of her work, containing pieces composed and recorded between 2017 and 2022.

“In recent years there have been some exciting solo albums from drummers and percussionists as well. And one of the most exciting is Sofia Borges.” – Jan Granlie, salt peanuts* (2023)

“(..) the musician creates the soundtrack of her own inner film with atmospheres that directly enter the listener’s mind.” – Victor Loconte, Kathodik (2023)

Live – Upcoming Performances


15 March 2023 | Apartment Project | Berlin, Germany 

Chromatic Wednesdays
Sofia Borges – solo (drums/percussion/electronics)

16 March 2023 | Donau115 | Berlin, Germany 

Camila Nebbia (sax), Lisa Hoppe (b), Sofia Borges (dr, perc)

23 March 2023 | TXXXXTER | Berlin, Germany 

Golden Dark: David J. Hull (vc, guit), Elo Masing (vl, p, vc) feat. Sofia Borges 

Slotsch: Christian Kühn (guit), Tony Elieh (b), Sofia Borges (dr, perc) –  PREMIERE!

25 March 2023 | O’Culto da Ajuda | Lisbon, Portugal

Ciclo Indeterminação na Música do Sec. XXI
Trips & Findings
: Sofia Borges – solo (drums/percussion/electronics)

26 March 2023 | BOTA | Lisbon, Portugal

Carlo Zíngaro – violin
João Madeira – bass
Sofia Borges: drums, percussion

31 March 2023 | KÜLSPOT | | Berlin, Germany 

Anna Kaluza (sax), Niko Meinhold (p), Sofia Borges (dr, perc)

13 April 2023 | TBA | Berlin, Germany

Takatsuki Trio Quartett feat. Sofia Borges

Takatsuki Trio Quartett: Rieko Okuda (Piano), Antti Virtaranta (Bass), Joshua Weitzel (Guitar, Shamisen), Sofia Borges (Percussion)

5 May 2023 | UT Connewitz | Leipzig, Germany

LeipJAZZig-Festival INTERZONE: Radiolux & Sofia Borges
Fabian Niermann – Saxofon
Marek Brandt – Electronics
Inka Perl – Animated Objects
Sofia Borges – Drums/Percussion

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6 May 2023 | TBA | Berlin, Germany

Sofia Borges – solo (piano frames) + TBA

16 May 2023 | Kühlspot | Berlin, Germany

Bex Burch-Sofia Borges-Beat Keller
Bex Burch: Gyil Xylophone
Sofia Borges: Drums
Beat Keller: Feedbacker Electric Guitar

17 May 2023 | TRXXXXTER | Berlin, Germany

Sofia Borges – drums, percussion, electronics
Sanja Star –  sonic illustration