“As most of the musicians growing up today I have a multitude of influences. Those influences and my artistic instincts had always taken me in multiple directions. And I follow those directions motivated by curiosity about sound and forms, without regard to ideological or stylistic boundaries, composing and playing upon my experience and the world around me.

My work with acoustic instruments, self-made instruments, electronics and technology is motivated by precisely the same sense of curiosity and adventure. But my work has never been about the technology itself, but rather about using new technologies to explore some aspect of sound, composition, dramaturgy and narrative that I was curious about, driven by the belief that a composer’s goal is to enable the audience to experience a unique perception of time and space.” Sofia Borges

Sofia Borges
Photo: Maria Leonardo

Sofia Borges is a versatile musician active as a composer, performer, percussionist and sound designer. She focuses on interdisciplinary work and blending a variety of genres, traditions, materials and technologies. Her compositions cover a wide spectrum ranging from chamber, orchestra and vocal music up to theatre, dance and multimedia performances and installations. Sofia has participated in numerous international festivals all over Europe, U.S.A, Brazil, Macao, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. She was selected to take part in the TENSO Young Composers Workshop 2015 (Mechelen), 2016 (Marseille) and 2017 (Nova Gorica). When performing as a composer-performer, she not only uses self-programmed electronics but also instruments she has developed herself. Sofia is also a dedicated educator, having among other projects headed the composition lab with school children at Klangradar Berlin since 2015. Sofia Borges began studying Percussion and Drums in Lisbon both at the Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa and the Luís Villas-Boas Jazz School. Later she devoted herself to composition, studying at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. In 2012 she completed her MA in Multimedia Composition at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater.

Sofia Borges lives in Berlin, Germany.