Desassossego – Disquiet – Unruhe (2011)
for chamber orchestra and live electronics

HfMT – Hamburg Orchestra
conductor: René Gulikers
composer and live electronics: Sofia Borges

Desassossego – Disquiet – Unruhe was a commissioned by the European Conference of Promoters of New Music (ECOPN).

This piece makes reference to „The Book of Disquiet“ from Bernardo Soares (one of the heteronyms of the poet Fernando Pessoa), by using structures one may find in the book: ideas interrupted by other thoughts, new thoughts interrupted by new ideas, a start does not necessarily lead to an end, ideas are forgotten, others spin in loops and stability can either be abruptly interrupted or subtly blurred and gradually vanish. My intention was to create a turbulent moment for orchestra and insert the concept of  “disquiety” in the same set of idiomatic concepts which shape musical forms and ideas such as an “etude” or a “prelude”. Following this tradition this would be hypothetically a “Disquiet no. 1 for chamber orchestra and live-electronics”.

One of the particularities of this piece is the use given to the  french horns. French horn I and II are seated respectively on the left and right side of the orchestra creating some kind of stereo. Contrary to what is idiomatic in orchestral writing in Desassossego-Disquiet-Ubruhe the two french horns play often in unison. Unisons between two french horns are in general nearly impossible to play and this was made not to obtain a real unison but to confuse the listener: the sound effects applied to the two French horns and its spatialisation are to confuse the listener, becoming impossible to the audience recognizing which horn is playing what.