In Kyoto bin ich

In Kyoto bin Ich (2010)
for ensemble, video and electronics
alto sax, cl, fl, hrn, 1 perc, vln, vla, vlc
duration: 4′

music, live electronics and live video: Sofia Borges
text: Matsuo Bashô

alto sax: Max Rademacher
Cello: Youri Shin
flöte: Katharina Sames
Horn: Min Sung Kim
Clarinet: Esther Keller
Percussion: Marion Banholzer
Viola: Eunjin Kim
Violine: Xinghao Wang
conductor: Daniel Moreira

Recording: “Das Talent zu Reisen”, 21.11.2011 in Hamburg – Germany.

In Kyoto bin ich was composed for the concert „Der Lange Nacht der Kurzen Werke“. At that time I was very interested in Haiku, and I was reading Bashô’s „The narrow road to the deep north“, so it came very natural to me to compose a piece based on a Haiku.

Some authors define Haiku as the art of saying the essential. In order to that, I wanted, in terms of sound material to use nothing more than the given text and spoken voice. To achieve that several computer assisted composition techniques were used. This piece was composed based on spectral analyses of both human voice and Google Translator voice and their re-synthesis to acoustic instruments. All rhythms and pitches were used exactly as they were in the raw score obtained by the analysis. Only a very few pitches and intervals were adjusted so they could be actually played.