L’Homme Machine

L’Homme Machine (2015)
for twelve tune music box-o-phon and electronics

L’Homme Machine was premiered at Musica Viva Festival, promoted by Miso Music, in Lisbon, 2015. L’Homme Machine is yet to be completed and is the first part of Mechanische Trilogie. L’Homme Machine is the beginning of a more ambitious project where I intent to compose, develop new instruments, include percussion instruments, incorporate electronic parts and perform everything myself.

The twelve tune music box-o-phon is an instrument I developed in collaboration with Andre Bartetzki. It consist of 12 motorized music boxes. Several parameter of the music boxes can be individually controlled. The Twelve Tune Music box-o-phone can be connected to a computer and both send and receive MIDI and OSC messages.

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fotos: Andre Bartetzki

Fotos from rehearsal at Festival Musica Viva – Miso Music, Lisbon, Portugal (26.05.2016)