Solo + Electronics

Lusosphere (2011)
for berimbau, sensors and live electronics
Duration: 8′

Retratos III (2010)
for trumpet and live electronics
Duration: 9′

Retratos I (2010)
for concert Guitar and live Electronics
Duration: 8′

Cockpit (2010)
for solo percussion, live electronics
and live video
Duration: 14′

Drei Träume (2009) 
for mezzo-soprano and electronics
Duration: 7′

A part of every new day (2008) 
for jazz drums and live electronics
Duration: 6′


D’Ouro sobre Azul (2009)
for solo marimba
Duration: 3′

Chamber Music + Electronics

Kein Wiegenlied (2014)
for flute, tenor sax, violin, electronics and music boxes and twelve tune music box-o-phon
Duration: 18”

2 Haiku (2012)
for female voice, flute, clarinet and live electronics
Duration: 5′

Chamber Music

Abstract Blurred Background (2014)
for Hélder Alves
for alto saxophone and piano
Duration: 8′

Experimental Rhetoric (2012)
for alto saxophone and percussion
Duration: 12′

Nur ein Wenig Deutsch (2006)
for flute, clarinet e bassoon
Duration: 10′

Ensemble + Electronics

In Kyoto bin ich (2010)
for ensemble, video and electronics
alto sax, cl, fl, hrn, 1 perc, vln, vla, vlc
Duration: 4′


Perco a Chave (2008)
for ensemble
ob, cl, bn, hrn, pno, vln, vla, vlc, db
Duration: 7′

O Lilaré com os cinco Sentidos (2008)
for ensemble

Travessa do Fala-Só (2007)
for ensemble
fl, cl, alto sax, tenor sax, bn, tbn, 1 vln, 2 vla,
1 vcl, 1 db
Duration: 10′

Orchestra + Electronics

Desassossego (2011)
for chamber orchestra and live electronics
2 ob, bn, 2 hrn, strings (4. 3. 3. 2. 1.)
Duration: 12′


Solstício (2009) 
for  orchestra
Duration: 8′

Choir /Vocal Ensemble

3 miniaturas para coro acappella (2008) 
for acappella choir (STAB)
Duration: 9′

2 Sketches (2015) 
for acappella choir (STAB)
Duration: 6′

Schrei (2016)
for 12 voices
Duration 6′


Ilustre Desconhecido (2010)
Duration: 3′

Florida and the Keys (2007)
Duration: 4′


L’Homme Machine (2015)
for twelve tune music box-o-phon and electronics
electronic solo performance
Duration: 8′

Roupa Velha (2013)
objects and electronics, Berlin, Germany
Duration: 5′

Conta uma História Comigo (2012)
Interactive Christmas Tale
multimedia solo performance
Duration: 30′

R/W – 2 interludes (2011)
for wacom, sensors, books,  live electronics and live video
Duration: variable


Destroyed Object (2008)
multimedia installation – in collaboration with Sílvia Mendonça and Pedro Bernardo
Duration: variable


Tchi-Kudum: Zoon Politikon (2014)
for a choreography by Regina Rossi
electronic performance
Duration: 60′

Gloom (2016)
for a choreography by Regina Rossi
Duration: 120′