“Sofia Borges, ao vivo, em dois actos: um dedo e tudo o mais” – Rui Eduardo Paes, R&B (2022)

Interview: “Gosto muito de pensar que o destino é o próprio caminho” – Rui Eduardo Paes, R&B (2022)

Interview: BOM DIA dá música com Sofia Borges – Ana João Correia, Bom Dia (2021)

RED LIST ENSEMBLE: “Listen carefully with wide, open ears.” – Eyal Harevueni, Salt Peanuts (2020)

RED LIST ENSEMBLE: “In other words, we are at home!” – Andrzej Nowak, Spontaneous Music Tribune (2020)

“The undoubted highlight though was Borges intricate percussiveness, deftly coaxing detailed rhythms from just a couple of drums and a variety of dangling sound-makers.” – Dave Jackson, A Jazz Noise (2018)

Es gab neue Gesichter wie Sofia Borges, die mit Kontaktmikrofonen bestückte Küchenutensilien und Field Recordings zu einer zarten Echtzeitcollage anrührte.” – Eric Mandel, jazzthetik (2018)

“Sofia Borges, a portuguesa que ensina música a crianças refugiadas na Alemanha” – Público (2018)

The presence of George Haslam was a great asset [to the Encontro de Música Improvisada de Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal], but it was in fact the Portuguese percussionist Sofia Borges… who proved to be the most distinguished figure at the event. ” – Rui Eduardo Paes, (2017)

“(…) there was a wondrous music-box-like collage, layered with brutal noise, where the game was physically concrete while the concert took a purely sculptural form when Borges contemplatively tweaking the software and the machines turned into an amorphous mass delivering a structured cacophony.” – Andreas Engström, Opulens (2017)

“An excellent percussionist with gentle sounds and ways… She plays with gestures that seem to extract sounds – which were already there, making them audible – rather than impose them to her audience. Never arrogant, always original. Great soirée.” – Pat Lugo, Tempo al Tempo./Exit Lab (20.11.2017)

Zoon-Politikum: “The musical rendering of Sofia Borges is part of the narrative journey and is equally moving and profound.” – Gyde Cold (2017)

“In her compositions, Sofia Borges touches on magical things as if by chance“. – James Wood, Leo Samama, Tenso Jury Report (2015)