Sofia Borges is a percussionist, composer and improviser who has gained prominence through a wide range of international projects. As a solo performer, and in collaboration with the most diverse international artists in the fields of contemporary music, improvised music, free jazz and world music, she has performed in a variety of international festivals, including the Hamburger Klangwerktage, WOMAD — World of Music, Arts and Dance (Spain, Australia, the UK and New Zealand), Percpan — Panorama Percussivo Mundial (Brazil), Women Voices (Taiwan), ZKM next_generation (Karlsruhe), Cork Choral Festival (Ireland) and many others in Switzerland, Estonia, France, Portugal, Macau and Poland. For her compositions and performances, she brings together traditional and custom-made instruments and electronics configurations… read more


Live – Upcoming Performances


24 September 2022 | 20:00 | KM28, Berlin – Germany

  1. Sofia Borges (solo) – drums, percussion, electronics
  2. The Hollows:
    Nick Dunston (banjo), Ettiene Nillesen (snare drum), and Weston Olencki (banjo)

3 Oktober 2022 | 17:00 & 20:00 | Morphine Raum, Berlin – Germany

Luigi Marino, Sofia Borges, Emilio Gordoa, Els Vandeweyer, Michael Vorfeld, Burkhard Beins, Yorgos Dimitriadis

Cymbalism brings together seven prolific percussionists from the world of experimental and improvised music, each of them focussing on just one or two cymbals. The two different lengthy sets will see them in small groupings, as soloists and in full group formation. Predominantly it is gonna be all acoustic, though three of the musicians have also developed their very specific kind of amplification which will be featured in the course of the program. In any case, it does not need a hundred cymbals to create two rich and exciting one-hour-sets, but just seven idiosyncretic composer-performers playing their favorite cymbals.

9 Oktober 2022 | 20:00 | Kühlspot, Berlin – Germany

Miako Klein (recorders) 
Florian Bergmann (reeds) 
Nikolaus Neuser (trumpet) 
Elena Kakaliagou (french horn) 
Ignaz Schick (turntables, sampler) 
Eliad Wagner (analog synths) 
Anais Tuerlinckx (grand piano)  
Adam Goodwin (double bass) 
Klaus Kürvers (double bass) 
Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone, percussion)  
Sofia Borges (drums, percussion) 
Robyn Schulkowsky (drums, percussion)

Performing pieces by Elena Kakaliagou, Tomomi Adachi, Ignaz Schick

With the kind support of Musikfonds e.V./Neustart Kultur

3 November 2022 | 21:30 | Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin – Germany

Jazzfest Berlin 2022

Craig Taborn piano, electronics
Mat Maneri viola
Nick Dunston double bass, electronics
Sofia Borges percussion, electronics

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12-14 November 2022 | 20:00 | St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Berlin – Germany

In a photograph from 1906, a crowd in southern Rwanda gathers for a magical event in front of a small apparatus on a table: deceiving the masses through technology. Behind the table is an official of the German colonial administration. The artists sell their talent without compensation. The funnel is directed at the musicians to the right of the table. A machine that sucks in the sound, carves the voices and the music into the wax rollers. 

In the music theater BUZZING BRIDGE, Sounding Situations plays out how the process of recording makes us who we are. Those who press the record button have power, framed for themselves and others. Through repetition, sounds, music, language become part of our identity. 

In BUZZING BRIDGE, the musicians and performers become sound carriers who turn the stage into a sounding negotiation space: Who owns what and who belongs where? Who takes in whom, in himself as the foreign or as his own? 

Stage direction, Composition, Text: Sounding Situations (Milena Kipfmüller, Jens Dietrich, Klaus Janek)
Musicians: Sofia Borges, Michael Thieke, Klaus Janek, Milena Kipfmüller, Michael Makembe, Josué Mugisha
Performance: Eric 1key, Katharina Mewes

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10 November 2022 | 20:00 | HKW, Berlin – Germany


19-20 November 2022 | 20:00 | NaTO, Leipzig – Germany


11 December 2022 | 17:00 | Industriesalon Schöneweide, Berlin – Germany

Sofia Borges (solo) – drums & electronics